From Curiosity to Skincare innovation: The Genesis of Smooth

From Curiosity to Skincare innovation: The Genesis of Smooth

Innovation can come from happenstance and some of the best ideas emerge unexpectedly. Such is the story of Smooth, our newest product, a luxurious facial balm with a silky texture to hydrate, reduce fine lines and brighten your skin. Founder and CEO, Francine Sommer likes to describe how it came about purely by chance and curiosity. She explains that she was gifted a massage candle. They are used in luxury spas and transform into a silky, warm massage oil balm when melted. 

“I was experimenting with it, I enjoyed it because of its soft, silky texture. I made it part of my routine to see how it worked over time. One evening I tried it on my face. It felt wonderful!” says Francine. 

Even though massage candles are not designed for facial use, she goes on to say that she woke up the next morning with a visibly plumper face and diminished lines- the results were undeniable. Everything about the experience was different from any moisturizer she had ever used, it was luxurious and effective. This led to further development.

Building on the company’s  expertise, knowledge and the benefits of the existing product line, notably Glow, she was inspired to expand the skin care line for women going through peri/menopause and beyond. Afterall, with all the challenges experienced during menopause a bit of luxury can go a long way. 

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Once committed there were some hurdles to overcome. The massage candle form is by its very nature messy and requires that the wick be lit to get the silky consistency that she loved. After discussions with the team, the goal became clear: produce the essence of the luxury massage candle without having to light a wick.

We began the formulation process with soy wax, then selected complimentary organic botanical ingredients to help reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles – to moisturize, nourish and plump up the face. We added CBD leveraging its anti-inflammatory benefits to complement the botanicals. This formulation promotes the skin’s natural self stabilizing capacity to brighten and reduce fine lines, it also works well to seal a regular skincare regimen during the winter months and under dry conditions.

Naming it was easy. In our trials users kept on saying “it’s so smooth!” so naturally, that became the name. What makes "Smooth" exceptional in the vast sea of skincare is two-fold. First, it is luxurious – providing an opulent and sensual feeling upon application. Second, it produces tangible results, minimizing fine lines and protecting the skin from the elements.

"Smooth" specifically addresses the unique skincare concerns of women over 45. With age and transitions such as perimenopause and menopause, skin undergoes significant changes, primarily becoming drier nd more sensitive due to hormonal shifts. 

"Smooth" is crafted so that the combination of each ingredient enhances the whole and leverages the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD to complement the botanicals.

It is more than just a product. It's the embodiment of Respect Wellness's mission, addressing the specific needs of women experiencing peri/menopause and maturing skin with integrity and effectiveness. Whether you’re combating dryness or seeking that added radiance, "Smooth" offers a lavish experience accompanied by equally impressive results.


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