Who supplies CBD for Respect Wellness?

Our premium, organic CBD extract is grown and produced in Colorado. Our supplier is a small artisanal CBD farm with over 15 years of experience growing premium quality cannabis crops following organic farming practices.

How pure are the ingredients that you use for your products?

Our herbal extract supplier uses only certified organic or ethically sourced, wild harvested plant materials. Their extracts contain 100% natural ingredients and are certified non-GMO, gluten free and free of  sugar, yeast, mold, corn, salt, wheat, soy, artificial colors, heavy metal, dairy foods, preservatives or synthetic fertilizers. Respect Wellness exclusively uses full-spectrum CBD produced through the CO2 extraction method. This process avoids chemical solvents and safeguards the terpenes and cannabinoids

Do you do third party testing?

Each CBD batch used in our products is tested by a third-party certified lab. We test for pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, residual solvents and potency.

Our CBD lab tests are done by Scepter Lab in Santa Fe, NM- here is a link to a sample test.

Our herbal extracts are produced in an FDA-certified facility. They are non-GMO and free of sugar, yeast, mold, corn, salt, wheat, soy, artificial colors, heavy metal, dairy foods, preservatives or synthetic fertilizers.

Where are our products manufactured?

Our herbal extract supplier uses an FDA certified manufacturing facility.  The CBD is manufactured by our supplier in a GMP certified plant.

What are herbal extracts?

Herbal extracts are naturally occurring plant compounds, or phytochemicals, that have been removed from a plant. A primary advantage of ingesting extracts in your mouth is that the absorption starts immediately. This method of consumption is more effective because it does not rely solely on the digestive system. Our herbal extracts are non-GMO and gluten free. Each herb is extracted according to its distinctive profile.

What are CBD herbal extracts?

CBD herbal extracts are a concentrate of CBD that can be dissolved in a variety of solvents. We use an alcohol solvent. As a consequence, our tinctures contain a very low percentage of alcohol (less then 3%.

How to ingest our tinctures?

Tinctures are taken orally. They are ingested sublingually and quickly diffuse into the body through the bloodstream. Shake the bottle well, place a dropper full under the tongue, hold liquid under the tongue for several seconds and then swallow. Dosing is easy to control because our glass droppers are graduated.

How to use our Topicals?

Simply rub the product on your skin in the spots where it is required and let your skin do the work.

Why do you use herbal extracts?

Respect Wellness has identified a novel way to combine CBD with herbal extracts. The CBD enhances the natural effect of the herbal extracts.

What ingredients are used in your products?

In addition to CBD, Respect Wellness uses organic, wild harvested herbal extracts in Ease, which is recommended for topical pain, as well as in Night Sky, our nighttime relaxation formula.

Glow, our topical night moisturizer serum consists of CBD combined with a range of oils including argan, jojoba, blackseed and rosehip.

Is hemp-derived CBD legal?

The Farm Bill of 2018 made hemp-derived CBD legal as long as the hemp contains 0.3% or less of THC. Individual states may have different legislation regarding hemp and CBD.

Do you sell cannabis products with THC?

No, we do not. Respect Wellness only sells hemp-derived CBD products that can be legally purchased in the United States.

How should I store my Respect Wellness products?

Your Respect wellness CBD products should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from excessive heat or direct sunlight.

How long are my Respect Wellness products going to last?

When stored properly (see above) your Respect Wellness products can last up to 18 months. 

Are your CBD products GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan?

Respect Wellness herbal extract products are non-GMO and vegan. The herbal extract are gluten free.

Are there interactions with medications?

We recommend you consult your doctor or healthcare provider if you are taking other medications.