Unlocking Radiant Skin: Emily Linzie Reveals the Secrets to Luxurious Facials and the Power of GLOW

Unlocking Radiant Skin: Emily Linzie Reveals the Secrets to Luxurious Facials and the Power of GLOW

Emily Linzie is an esthetician at The Remedy Spa in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she specializes in luxurious facials. Respect Wellness was honored to partner with her during ISPA 2023 to provide facials and educate spa professionals. Below she answers questions about taking care of our skin and the benefits of Glow.

What inspired you to become an esthetician?

I’ve always been passionate about skincare. I started in cosmetology school so I’m trained to work with hair, skin, and nails. Being a stylist was too high intensity and very stressful for me, and I lost my passion for it. When I chose to work solely with skin, I found my passion again. I love the ambiance of a spa, working one on one with a client and then watching them walk out feeling and looking great.

What skincare treatments do you recommend for women over 45?

Here in New Mexico I see a lot of textural issues related to our dry desert climate with menopausal women. I also see fine lines and hyperpigmentation. I tell my clients that their at-home skincare routine needs to be top-notch and consistent.  Wear at least 30+ spf, every day, even if you’re just going out to the curb to get the mail. Moisturize during the day and heavier at night. Exfoliate regularly with an acid product like lactic, glycolic or salicylic acid. Also, starting a series of spa chemical peels of at least 3-6 can be rejuvenating and restorative. But most importantly hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

What spa treatments do you recommend?

When I first started, I was result driven and felt the need to absolve my clients of any skin care issues like acne, hyper pigmentation, and fine lines. I am still result driven, but I’ve realized, over time, that many clients were coming in just to relax. Since then, I’ve learned more about facial massage and how to help clients relax as well as address their skin concerns. I use Gua Sha and facial cupping techniques in my facials, and work with facial pressure points to help clients relax even more. GLOW is a fantastic product to use with facial massage, Gua Sha, and just in general.

What do you like about GLOW?

The texture is wonderful. The serum contains various hydrating oils, so it feels wonderful on the skin. It leaves skin looking supple and hydrated. The hydrating oils in GLOW work well with gua sha, facial massage, and facial cupping, which are all techniques the client can do at home apart from in spa treatments. We carry a lot of tension in our faces. I recommend that clients use it every night with facial massage to relax the face and jaw, then finish off with their thicker moisturizer. GLOW is a wonderful serum, and I use it on my own skin every day!

What’s great about CBD products, like GLOW?

There’s been a shift in recent years with more and more skin products containing CBD. I’m all for it! We’ve carried skin care products with CBD at my spa and they’re always the first to sell out.  CBD supports anti-inflammatory properties naturally occurring in the body, I use it regularly in my facials. GLOW has been a revelation for my own skin. Recently, due to hormonal changes, I had painful acne and eczema beneath my eyes and my skin was really inflamed. GLOW turned out to be a fantastic CBD infused serum and helped my eczema within a couple of days. I wish I’d taken before and after photos. I’m definitely a fan!

What’s your Best Advice for Women about their skin?

At the end of the day, it’s all about self-care, which is often hard for women to get around to. As women, we’re under so much environmental, physical, and emotional stress. Take time to take care of yourself. CBD infused skincare products are a great addition to your routine because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. Adding a serum like GLOW is extremely beneficial when accompanied with facial massage and a relaxing atmosphere. Ingesting CBD sublingually, like Night Sky and Menopause Balance, or using it topically on your skin, like with GLOW and Ease, can also help women to relax and rejuvenate at home.  You’d be surprised at how differently our skin and also our bodies behave when we are able to take a moment to release tension and give ourselves some love. Most importantly, be kind to yourself.