Manage On-the-Go Relief Naturally

Manage On-the-Go Relief Naturally

Eavesdrop on a conversation between women age 50 and above, and the chances are pretty good that high on the list of topics will be everyone’s aches. Whether it’s the beginnings of arthritis, an old sports injury or just the everyday aching joints and sore backs that are the hallmarks of middle age, pretty much every woman has some type of occasional or chronic discomfort. It’s evidence that we’ve been out there living our lives!


The question women face, however, is how to manage while also avoiding the very real downsides of some traditional pain relief methods: prescription pain medications can have the risk of side-effects, interactions with other drugs, as well as addiction. We’ve all heard of the RICE remedy (rest, ice, compression and elevation) for specific injuries, and over-the-counter medications like Ibuprofin certainly have their roles. However, many women want to avoid traditional medication altogether, and seek natural relief options for both chronic discomfort, such as those nagging back aches, and episodic conditions such as strained muscles after a game of tennis or the occasional stiff neck when one wakes up.


Natural relief products are not reviewed by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to determine effectiveness or safety. And one should always consult with a healthcare professional before trying a natural health product. However, natural relief products are widely used in large part because people find them helpful while also enable them to avoid prescription and over-the-counter medication.


Ease Whole Body Recovery by Respect Wellness is a topical formulation that blends 600 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD with herbal extracts widely used for management of discomfort: white willow bark ( inflammation, fever), Boswellia (inflammation), wild lettuce (calming), myrrh (arthritis and joint aches), angelica (joint pain) and wintergreen (aches and inflammation). The roll-on formula can be applied directly to the affected site. It offers a natural alternative for the typical aches many women want to manage so they can continue enjoying their families, work, and personal activities to their fullest.


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