Respect Wellness and Menopause: An Interview with Francine Sommer

Respect Wellness and Menopause: An Interview with Francine Sommer

Tune in to the recent episode of the CannaMom Show podcast as host Joyce Gerber engages in an informative conversation with Francine Sommer, the CEO and Founder of Respect Wellness, a hemp-based wellness brand. Their discussion centers around the unique challenges faced by women during menopause and how forms of cannabis like CBD can help alleviate its symptoms.

(listen time: 22 min)

(6:52) Francine Sommer Intro
(8:10) New York to New Mexico
(11:17) Why CBD for Menopause
(12:10) Investing in Menopause
(15:50) The Survey
(16:45) Wellness and CBD
(18:27) Helping Active Adults Understand CBD
(21:24) What Makes a Top 50 CBD Company
(22:37) CBD and Herbal Extracts

Francine's journey into discovering the benefits of medical cannabis began when she moved from her native New York to New Mexico. Following a painful surgery she discovered the value of CBD as an integral part of her recovery. Driven by her own experience, Francine realized the need for a company that catered to women like herself, in their Second Spring or over 45. The final piece to fall into place in creating her company was the legalization of hemp with the passing of the 2018 Hemp Bill.

Francine realized the extent to which there was an unmet and growing demand to address the needs of menopausal women. Armed with this insight, she conducted a comprehensive survey, involving 1000+ women over 45 with a focus on their wellness needs and routines. The results were eye-opening and validated the fundamental vision for her new company – an artisanal high quality botanical and CBD wellness brand informed by the latest science and herbal specialists to create effective, proprietary products for women, made by us for us!

Respect Wellness takes pride in its premium organic CBD and botanical ingredients, notably their CBD which is cultivated on an artisanal organic farm in the Southwest. As with their CBD their botanical extracts are thoughtfully curated with a selection of organic, ethically sourced, and wild-harvested herbs, including precious Chinese botanicals. Blending CBD with botanicals unlocks a synergistic relationship between these natural elements. As Francine worked with her formulation team she realized the extent to which CBD complements and enhances the beneficial properties of the herbal extracts.

Additionally, in this episode, Francine delves into her personal experience with menopause. Her menopause journey was a strong motivating factor to delve into the role of CBD and Botanicals and led her to discover how these ingredients can address the symptoms of peri/menopause. Respect Wellness offers a range of products designed specifically for menopausal women. Amongst these offerings is Menopause Balance formulated to address symptoms including hot flashes and brain fog. The product line is deliberately designed to complement specific conditions women over 45 may encounter.

This podcast is a great introduction to the Founder and CEO of Respect Wellness and sheds light on the potential benefits of CBD for menopausal women. It also offers a glimpse into the triumphs and challenges encountered in building a business in the CBD product space.

If you're intrigued by the intersection of CBD and menopause or curious about the industry at large, this podcast is a must-listen. Embrace wellness during menopause with Respect Wellness. Visit our online shop to explore our exceptional range of products designed to nurture and empower you during this transformative stage of life. Together, let's redefine menopause as what it truly is – the transition to our Second Spring!

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